Welcome to Well Set!


Conveniently located in Denver’s Highlands/Sloan’s Lake (SloHi) neighborhood, Well Set specializes in individualized care and offers advanced movement focused treatments for active individuals and families. Our wellness team includes experts in chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy.

Patient, family, and community focused.
Well Set is committed to providing the most high-quality experiences and treatments for our patients and their families with advanced certifications in prenatal, pediatrics, and sports. Well Set is all about positivity and fun, and we’ve designed our space to encourage these things. When you visit, come early or leave late. We’ve got a kitchen for you to grab some coffee in and a patio for you to relax on, listen to some tunes, and get some work done if you need to.

Our main goals:

  • Get patients out of pain as soon as possible

  • Use the fewest number of treatments

  • Help and provide value to our community

We live by the “few and through” rule. If we don’t have you on the right track within a few visits, we promise to get you to the right provider whether that means you’ll be getting care in or out of our office.

Care that emphasizes experience, wellness and healing.
We continuously offer innovative and high-performance (read: badass) care for our patients with the best treatments, techniques, and service options in Denver.

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I began visiting Dr. Buzek 4 years ago to help ease lower back pain and general discomfort related to pregnancy. I was immediately impressed by his thoughtful, experienced and targeted approach to prenatal treatment. He also helped relieve mild plagiocephaly (flat head) in my infant, and both of my children continue to visit for general health/immune support (with obvious results). My husband, who was not a believer in chiropractic care, happily sees Dr. Buzek for lower-back support (which, I hear, has helped improve his golf game...).

In addition to the adjustment itself, Dr. Buzek does an amazing job articulating the primary cause of your ailment and provides ways to prevent future pain (with exercises, stretching, etc). He genuinely seems to want you well, with visits spaced as infrequently as tolerated, which is something I really appreciate. He's a wealth of knowledge, is easy to talk to and keeps an open mind. We've found the one and only chiropractor for our family!