Our doctors are trained in chiropractic manipulative therapy from Palmer College of Chiropractic. We utilize a hands-on approach, including techniques mainly known in the chiropractic world as Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson Drops, and Activator (if needed), to name a few. Our doctors have advanced training in extremity adjusting (e.g., ankles, wrists, shoulders, and feet) and are well rounded in their approaches. We are also extremely well-versed in standard protocols for all types of issues and for all types of people (e.g., athletes, pregnant women, infants, children). Our chiropractic certifications include: sports chiropractic (CCSP), prenatal chiropractic (i.e., Webster Technique), and pediatric chiropractic (CACCP).

We also specialize in using individualized approaches. If a treatment seems too hard or soft or mildly uncomfortable, we want you to speak up. Our doctors are happy to modify their approach to find a technique that suits you. Put simply, we have a variety of tools in our toolboxes to use to find the right chiropractic fit for you and to get you to your optimal, pain free health in the most efficient way possible. You’re not going to get a standard, “treatment plan” here. There are no “long-term commitments” or extended multiple-visits per week plans at Well Set. 

We also love working with other providers. We have a “few and through” chiropractic policy here at Well Set. Although the definition of “few” is individualized to you, our patient, if you’re not feeling better or making progress in a relatively short amount of time, we’re going to get you to the provider you need to see. We believe in a well-rounded, systems approach to getting people better, and whether we can refer you to someone here for additional support (e.g., acupuncture, massage), to someone in the wellness community (e.g., personal training), or to a medical provider, we’re going to do what’s best for you. For example, we’re known for our community relationships with physical therapists, OBGYNs, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, and pediatricians. 

You might want to use chiropractic when/with: neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, headaches/migraines, a case of the Mondays.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is what makes our treatments distinctive. Our doctors go above and beyond what you might expect to provide you with different forms of manual therapy at each appointment. Manual therapy is used to remove restrictions in soft tissue. So, when it is combined with a chiropractic adjustment, it helps to not only treat structural restrictions (i.e., misaligned vertebrae) but the soft tissue (i.e., muscles, ligaments, nerves) component of your pain or symptoms as well. In our office, we use instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (Graston/FAKTR), myofascial release technique (ART), massage therapy, stretching/strengthening, and other treatments to maximize your results from each visit.

You might want to use manual therapy with/when: tennis/golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome, sprains/strains, runner’s knee (i.e., patella femoral syndrome).

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a manual therapy technique designed to break up muscle adhesions (tiny knots in the muscles) and to restore function to the soft tissue. With this technique, steel instruments are used (We know … it sounds scary. We promise that it’s not. And, it’s extremely effective!) in a particular way on the injured muscle, fascia, ligament, or tendon injury. To ease your mind, you’ll be happy to know that our doctors have training in FAKTR  and Graston, which are the most well-known IASTM techniques. 

You might want to use IASTM with/when: pulled hamstring, ankle sprain, rotator cuff tendinitis.


"I have seen Dr Jace myself for adjustments and worked professionally with him by referring many of my pediatric patients to him over the past 5 years. Dr Jace has undergone specific pediatric training that makes me feel confident in his ability to work with young children and newborns. I am very careful to whom I refer to in the chiropractic industry. I and my patients have been extremely pleased with not only the great relief from chronic ear infections, colic and reduction in frequency of headaches but with all of the great reports about how comfortable and safe they felt in his care. Dr Jace has played an integral part in not only my own preventative health and well being but for many of my patients and their families as well. Integrative, holistic health is extremely important to me and the patients that I serve. I am so thankful to have found a chiropractor to work closely and in team with in order to better develop this care model." 



Myofascial Release

Another type of manual therapy our doctors use is myofascial release. To do this, pressure is applied to a muscle while it is moved through a range of motion. The goal of this therapy is to decrease pain (duh!) and to restore specific movement patterns to the injured region by releasing muscle adhesions. ART (i.e., Active Release Technique) is a specialized form of myofascial release that we use and are certified in here at Well Set.

You might want to use ART/myofascial release with/when: nerve entrapments, shoulder impingement, lateral/medial epicondylitis, piriformis syndrome.

Stretching/Strengthening/Self Myofascial Release

As mentioned before, our goal at Well Set is to have you feeling better independently (that means we want you coming in as infrequently as possible as soon as possible) for longer periods of time. This way you can do more! To do this, our doctors will give you specific stretches, strengthening exercises, foam/ball rolling instructions, and any other suggestions that will keep you out of the office and staying active. These stretches, strength builders, and self myofascial release movements  are individualized and specific to you and your needs. Feel free to pop in and use our therapy space anytime! We’ve got rollers, balls, and plenty of other cool “toys” for you to use (or to even purchase to use at home) here at Well Set.

You might want to use stretching/strengthening/self myofascial release with/when: muscle knots (myofascial adhesions), to increase flexibility, prevent injuries, and in between visits so you don’t need us as much!


Normatec has developed peristaltic pulse compression therapy technology to help athletes recover faster between training and sporting events. The way that this form of therapy is delivered is through large, blood pressure cuff-like sleeves/boots that go over your arms and legs. The Normatec Pulse technology was developed by a physician bioengineer, and a number of recent research studies have been published indicating the system’s efficacy in enhancing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and speeding recovery time in the extremities. To do this, the Normatec system utilizes three massage patterns: pulsing, gradients, and distal release. 

You might want to use Normatec with/when: quad strains, ankle sprains, calf strains, you need to recover from workouts/races/events.

Kinesiology and Functional Movement Taping

Kinesiology taping is the colorful, cool looking tape that you see on athletes everywhere, and especially on Olympic athletes. In our office, we use Rocktape. Spoiler Alert: Rocktape serves more purpose than looking sweet! Rocktape reduces muscle fatigue, decompresses inflamed areas, normalizes muscle tone, and helps distribute physical stress all while giving you full range of motion to perform at your highest level. Our doctors have advanced training (multiple certifications) in kinesiology taping and in other methods of functional movement taping that are used for soft tissue injuries such as strapping, athletic training, and stabilization. Our docs can evaluate you individually to see which taping method is best for you at your current stage of injury and recovery. 

You might want to use kinesiology and functional movement taping with/when: postural retraining, sacroiliac dysfunction, Achilles tendinitis, and when wearing tank tops to look super athletic.

Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with who we consider to be “the best of the best” when it comes to acupuncture and holistic medicine. So, we are proud to have invited True North Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine to share our space. Katie Hale, Dipl. OM.,L.Ac., True North's owner and integrative practitioner, provides natural, refreshing and effective alternative medicine for active individuals/families.

Her treatments combine acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicines, diet/nutrition advice and lifestyle counseling. You'll find that her approach will not only restore mind, body, and spirit but also help you heal at the core to make genuine, long-lasting changes.

She is exceptional at treating a variety of conditions including infertility, pregnancy, pain, allergies, stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, digestive issues and much more.

Therapeutic Massage

To streamline the experiences of our patients we provide therapeutic massage as a “stand-alone” option (i.e., you don’t have to come in for chiropractic to get therapeutic massage). We’re super excited to have Taylor Jordan and Amanda Miller at Well Set!

More information to come.


I've been working with Dr. Jace Buzek for more than 5 years and he has been fantastic.  I came to him with some lower back pain and he got me squared away in short order.  I love working with him because he always makes sure that I understand what he is doing and why he's doing it.  He has also been invaluable to me during my training as a distance runner.  Using kinesio tape, graston, compression boots, and all the other tools at his disposal, he's helped me manage all the minor injuries that come along with heavy training.  With advice on stretching and myofascial release, he has also helped me to avoid those injuries down the road.  Whether you're in need of treatment for a specific problem or you're a serious athlete who needs their body working like a finely tuned machine, Jace is your man!

- daren