Office Manager


Emily is an east coast native born and raised in dirty Jersey. She loves all things wellness and has been a consumer of holistic health from a very young age (she was born at home with a midwife- need we say more?) Fun fact: Emily was introduced to chiropractic treatment as an adolescent after an exciting go-kart race turned into an excruciating case of whiplash. #NeedForSpeed #MedPayShouldHaveCoveredIt.

With wellness and Oprah Winfrey in mind, Emily, set out to Syracuse University (Go Orange!) to study broadcast journalism at The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. She quickly gathered that being O's prodigy wasn’t her goal after all. Emily realized she wanted to join people beyond what was considered newsworthy and changed her major to social work. Post undergrad she worked in the non-profit sector with one of her roles being an office manager for the American Cancer Society.

In 2012 she packed her bags and moved to ColoRADo to pursue her Masters of Social Work at DU where she focused on family and individual therapy. After numerous hours of training, Emily earned her Licensed Clinical Social Worker title. Throughout the years she served as a case manager and therapist in a variety of settings ranging from community mental health to an outpatient infectious disease clinic. In December of 2018 she came to the conclusion that a professional pivot was needed and she decided to get back to her roots! Emily specializes in and LOVES: logistics, operations, and organization.

Emily still keeps a pulse on therapy and psychoeducational support - Be on the lookout for future wellness workshops facilitated by LCSW, Em!




What have been your career highlights (so far)?
Organizing an ENTIRE office from scratch. The copy paper was even organized by the colors of the rainbow. It was dreamy. Oh, and, therapeutically speaking helping people see their inherent strengths, worth, and dignity. 

What’s your goal in life?
To embrace change, to have curiosity and grace for others and myself, and to be an ally to people who are marginalized.

Favorite Movie?
Forrest Gump

#1 Bucket List Trip?

Favorite Things In The World?
My partner Jeff, my family, and my early childhood friendships that are still going strong to date! I must also add my hand-me-down multicolored bright neon rollerblades that make me SO (unreasonably) happy!

Biggest Challenge:
Truly staying in the moment!