Massage Therapist


Taylor, born and raised in Colorado, has a fierce love of the outdoors. She went to massage school at the Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts in Durango, CO (the unofficial health nut capital of the world), graduating in 2009.  Her school had a heavy focus on Neuromuscular Therapy but also equipped her with skills in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, TMJ, Swedish, and Prenatal. Since graduating nine years ago, Taylor has taken several continuing education courses: Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Massage, Ashiatsu, and Oncology, to name a few.

In September of 2017, Taylor made her decade-long yoga practice official by completing a 200-hour teacher training.

So far, it’s served as an excellent companion to her massage therapy skill set, and she’s been able to help her patients understand their bodies in a new and dynamic way. Taylor believes that we are all facilitators of our own healing, and while receiving treatment from top-notch practitioners is essential and valuable, it’s imperative for each person to be willing to do what it takes (scheduling regular visits, keeping up with self-care at home and work, drinking water, etc.) and wholly participate in the process to see optimal results.

Taylor blends her Neuromuscular and Sports massage roots with her acquired skills, Thai and Craniosacral, to create a therapeutic and relaxing, fully well-rounded experience. 




What have been your career highlights (so far)?
Seeing patients through their Iron Man training and improving their performances, helping a patient restore hearing loss with use of Craniosacral and TMJ techniques, watching the light come on in someone’s eyes when they make a connection and understand their bodies better, and working alongside other amazing healthcare professionals to customize the ultimate treatment plan to each individual.   

What’s your goal in life?
Learn and grow as much as I can, and work on taking care of and healing myself everyday, to enable me to be of utmost service to others. I hope to inspire people to be curious about their own wellness and healing, and encourage them to follow the path toward living their best lives.

Favorite Movie?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

#1 Bucket List Trip?
Tokyo (domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!)

Favorite Things In The World?
My fur babies Ember and Tuncci, and of course, avocados

Biggest Challenge:
Settling on just one passion to pursue at a time