Physical Therapist


Dr. Ashley was born and raised in North Dakota.  Most of her years were spent in Jamestown aka “The Buffalo City”.  Ashley’s first job was actually at the National Buffalo Museum (yes, buffalo-not bison).   After finishing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2012, she moved to Colorado….because ND is cold.  She has not purchased a “real” winter coat since moving.

Dr. Ashley worked primarily in orthopedics for the first few years of her career and soon realized that specializing in pelvic health was what was close to her heart.  Since taking numerous continuing education courses for pelvic health didn’t occupy enough of her time, she decided she should become certified to teach Pilates. She completed the 500+ hour curriculum through Balanced Body Education and has found that Pilates is truly good for the soul on every level.  

After seeing the lack of support for women that occurs during the motherhood transition, she recently also became a BIRTHFIT Professional as well as a birth & postpartum doula (because really, time is abundant).  She believes that every woman should know her options and be able to have the birth they want and with the support they deserve.

In her free time, she enjoys talking about the pelvic floor to anyone who will listen.  Seriously, this is an important topic that we need to address. And she loves to hang with her dog, Tucker.  While it would be nice to be able to take him for walks, he prefers to snuggle up on his “special pillow” (suede on one side, faux sheep skin on the other).  Dainty. The term that comes to mind when describing Tucker. He’s an 8lb ball of fluff and love.

Dr. Ashley believes that it is when we connect with our body through our innermost layers that we truly transform.  Her therapy approach is guided by a desire to go beyond each individual’s current physical presentation as a means to facilitate a mind-body connection that creates freedom through movement.




What have been your career highlights (so far)?
Every time a woman tells me they no longer have the pelvic pain they’ve had for years my heart smiles.  Being trusted to visit a new mom at home and help her begin the journey of healing after baby. Every time a client tells me they’ve found freedom within their body.  

What’s your goal in life?
I hope to always leave people feeling that they were important.

Favorite Movie?
Love & Basketball

#1 Bucket List Trip?
I feel like I should say something like Bali….but honestly, anywhere with good food.

Favorite Things In The World?
Tucker & my niece.  Oh, and coffee! Wait, let’s not forget about snacks! (There are far too many snacks to name, but anytime you want to chat about it, let me know!)

Biggest Challenge:
Finding a work/life balance, so I have time to make my snacks.