Massage Therapist


Amanda grew up outside of Philadelphia in Northampton, Pennsylvania (really close to Allentown – Billy Joel fans know).  She grew up spending a lot of time with her family - always spending time together, cooking, laughing, and traveling. She was active in sports and dance and spent a lot of time outside around her rural childhood home.  

After studying psychology at Moravian College and massage therapy at Health Options Institute, it was that same love of the outdoors that brought Amanda from Pennsylvania to Colorado.  The 300+ days of sunshine each year was appealing, too. After taking a little time to settle into Denver life, Amanda decided to go back to school at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy.  While attending BCMT, she was drawn to prenatal work and Thai massage and loved the diversity it added to her practice. Upon graduating, she continued her studies in prenatal and post-partum work and went on to study Thai massage, yoga, and eastern healing arts in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Amanda has worked at massage therapy centers and high-end day spas, but really found her happy place when she worked at a chiropractic office, where she first met Dr.B.  After almost 9 years at that office, she got an amazing opportunity to move to Aruba that she couldn’t pass up. She took a little break from doing massage full time and lived out her Tom Cruise “cocktails and dreams” moment by bartending in paradise (she makes a mean Bloody Mary, BTW).  After two years of crafting boat drinks and fun in the sun, she came back to Denver and found her new home at Well Set.

Amanda has an east meets west approach to bodywork and integrates the two styles to ensure her clients get the best of both worlds.  She has extensive experience in prenatal and post-partum work, along with non-invasive induction massage (which through pressure point work, aromatherapy, and traditional massage techniques can help safely and naturally jumpstart labor for expectant, full-term mommas-to-be).  She loves practicing Thai massage (it’s like having yoga done to you!), and has a real passion for TMJ work, which is beneficial to everyone, but especially those who clench their jaw or suffer from headaches. Whether she’s teaching infant massage lessons to new parents and families or working on members of the active Denver community, Amanda is dedicated to her craft and puts her heart into her work.




What have been your career highlights (so far)?
Every time I’m able to safely, naturally, and non-invasively jumpstart an expectant mother’s labor (the human body is so incredible!), preventing invasive surgical procedures through TMJ massage work, and teaching new parents and families how to love on and help their little ones through infant massage - it’s never too early to introduce massage, and teaching infant massage lessons is definitely the sweetest and most adorable part of my job.

What’s your goal in life?
My main goal in life is to help others - I’ve always been a helper.  To be a loyal friend, a hard worker, a good partner, and to make my family and friends proud.  To belly laugh every day, to never stop learning and evolving, and to see as much of the world as I can.  And to be the world’s best dog momma, obviously.

Favorite Movie?
The Wizard of Oz.  Fun fact : I have Dorothy’s ruby slippers tattooed on the inside of my right arm.

#1 Bucket List Trip?

Favorite Things In The World?
My family and friends, my boo, traveling, good food, my dogs, coffee, going to see live music, road trips, my Grams’ mac + cheese, Stevie Nicks, cosmic star stuff, Christmas, Wes Anderson movies, old dogs, a good mezcal cocktail, and being able to do what I love and work with people I respect and admire.

Biggest Challenge:
Saying no - the eternal struggle for the eternal helper.